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- One of Norway’s busiest ports, located just under the arctic circle

Strand shipping & vertom join forces

February 2nd 2022, Strand Shipping AS agreed to take part of a commercial cooperation with Vertom B.V., located in Rhoon, the Netherlands.

This agreement places Strand Shipping in the top league in Europe, making The Vertom Group one of the largest players in the shortsea market.

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shipbrokers and ship agents

Today our most common trading area covers the range between the Norwegian coast, Baltic, Northsea and the Mediterranean.

The main cargoes are dry cargoes, like grain, steel, scrap and all sorts of minerals and alloys.

In addition to providing shipbroker services, our agency department are represented on site in both Mo i Rana and Glomfjord. We can offer ship clearance in most of the other Norwegian ports as well. 


September 12th, 1988 Strand Shipping AS was officially founded by Stein-Tore Strand. He started his business with knowledge learned through his earlier years at the local shipping companies Villy J. Jacobsen and Meyership.

Lars Petter Storfjord and Mette Hansen joined the company later that same year of 1988.

Lars Øystein Solbakken started working at Strand Shipping in 1998 after working 3 years as a ship agent at Mo Shipping Agency, carrying a degree as an Engineer of Transport Techniques and Logistics.

Tom Engø, former Manager of Meyership, was employed as a ship broker April 3rd, 2000 and became Manager at Strand Shipping when Mr. Strand gradually stepped down from both ownership and work, leaving the challenges to the 4 people remaining.

Tommy Skog became our ship agent after he started working here from 1st of February 2001 and is now working back office.

March 16th same year Espen Lervik joined our staff as broker. His shipping background is from Johnsen & Bergman A/S and Asbj. W. Christophersen & CO A/S.

Terje Jacobsen strengthened our agency department after the company ’Villy J Jacobsen as’ was merged into Strand Shipping July 1st, 2006. In this same change of structure Frode Jacobsen gave precious knowledge to our chartering department. They both work as shipbrokers today, respectively on conventional and selfdischarge tonnage.

Laila Holm joined our accounts department in the autumn of 2009 and is our Finance Manager.

Ida Lill Sørøy joined our account department in January 2019.

Espen Rostad (27) was in 2022 moved from the agency department to the brokering desk, giving us a total of 6 shipbrokers.

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