What we do

Our main business is shipbroking, but we can also offer ship clearance in the port of Mo i Rana and also in other Norwegian ports.

The core business of Strand Shipping is shipbroking. Our fleet is counting around 20 ships in numbers, and we’re always aiming for renewals and increase in both numbers and tonnage.

The cargoes we carry are characterized as ’dry cargoes’, like grain, fishmeal, steel, alumina, fertilizers, iron ore, granite, containers, barracks, bagged goods and general cargo to mention a few.

As our ships are mildly put ’movable’, they can be moved to where the market lies. Today our most common freight market stretches from the Norwegian coast to the North Sea, the Baltic and to the Mediterranean.

Our agency department can offer ship clearence in the Port of Mo i Rana, but also in other Norwegian ports as well. We have great experience with handling of both bulk and general cargos.